Company Profile
Founded in 1999, York Promotions is committed to providing quality sales promotion for our clients through our professional,well-trained sales staff.
Our Front Line
All of our sales professionals have received our extensive in-house sales training as well as product-specific training. They have all passed criminal background check by local authorities.
Our Back Room
Our combined Head office staff includes over 30 years of sales and marketing experience, we are focused on designing and administering a sales program that will provide the maximum return for your investment.
Our Tracking
Our sales database system provides us with the information needed to track your campaign from planning through to completion, and can also provide a wealth of data for post-campaign analysis including reporting system to meet you needs.
Our Diversity
The multicultural mix that makes up Canada and environs demands that a sales force offer a variety of languages in order to properly communicate with prospective customers. At York Promotions we can deliver your sales message in approximately 15 different languages! We are also very aware of the much cultural sensitivity that needs to be respected within these communities.