Frequently Asked Questions


1- What is York Promotions? 

York Promotions is a Sales and Marketing Company authorized to sell and promote ROGERS services throughout Ontario. 
2- Who should join York Promotions?
If working in a challenging environment and interacting with different types to customers is something you find exciting then York Promotions will be the right fit for you.
3- How to join York Promotions Sales team?
You can email your resume to or call our office during normal business hours at 905-268-0007
5- What type of Support and Training is provided by York Promotions to Sales Representatives?
York Promotions has several training programs for new representatives on product knowledge. We hold on-going training courses throughout the year that our representatives are required to attend. Our backend tracking software for field representatives is available to track sales for commission purposes as well as receiving products updates.
6- What if I have never sold anything before?
York Promotions has training programs designed to help those who have never been in the field. We can help you build imperative sales skills to facilitate your customers based and help you overcome commonly heard objections.
7- Can I work in my local area where I live in?
In most cases you will be required to work in your local area depending on your location. Throughout the year we do work in different locations for better performance.
8- I am not fluent in English so can I sell to my local community that speaks my language?
We have several community based programs that run throughout the year however you will be required to communicate partially English to help with the sale process.
9- How do I know where my potential customers are?
You will be provided with a full list of potential customers to work with.
10- How much I can expect to make in the first year?
Field sales positions are commission based and performance varies depending on the number of hours and your commitment. Representatives who earn well always dedicate more time to their work day.   
11- Do I need to have my own vehicle?
You must be able to work independently. One of the requirements for this job is having access to a vehicle that you are able to use on a regular basis with a valid Ontario Drivers Licence. 
12- I am ready to start what is the next step?
Thank you for choosing York Promotions as your opportunity to success in Sales. Please email your resume to and one of our local sales managers will contact you.