York Promotions is Authorize Agent of ROGERS promoting Rogers Cable and Wireless Products thought Direct Sales in Ontario and other parts of Canada.
As a Direct Sales organization we specialize in telecommunication industry. Our business and operating systems are designed to enable our clients to break away from tired, inefficient channels of promotion and selling their products in innovative and effective ways. Our direct marketing system provides prospective customers with the immediate, relevant information necessary to arrive at a positive buying decision.
Our experience has proven… there is no better sales channel than a well planned, properly executed Direct Marketing campaign - Simple, focused, and very cost-effective ! At York Promotions we provide our clients with exactly that – whether your goal is introducing a new product to the public or increasing current sales levels, we have the staff and the expertise to meet your needs. Our commitment to quality sales growth is the foundation that has made York Promotions a leader in Direct Marketing in Canada.
York Promotions is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario offers Marketing Services Nationwide. For more information about our organization, please call 905-268-0007 or click click here to request information.